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If you've ever thought, "I'd like to make a difference in the world, but I don't know HOW!" You came to the right place! Making a Difference of Lebanon, PA, is a volunteer-run local non-profit. Whatever your skill set, you can help. You're great at planning dinner parties? We always have events in the planning stage; your organizational skills are in demand! Is your checkbook always balanced to the penny? Our treasurer would love your help! Do you love to bake? We always need donations for our bake sale! Enjoy spending time with people and just talking? Events are happening that require outgoing people! Sign up today; many more opportunities are available!

There are plenty of opportunities and ways you can get involved. Please fill out this volunteer form, and someone from our organization will contact you.
Volunteer with Us

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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